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Summer Vacation

by Danielle Moore on July 19, 2014

in Bare Feet, Sammi

It’s Summer Vacation time and that means bare feet.  My husband loves Summer and more specifically having me bare foot in my old flip flops.  He says for him that it’s foreplay all day long.  And trust me, we’ve never had so much sex.  How do you spend your Summer Vacation?  Camping? Going away?  Staying at home because you have a pool.  What ever you do, I hope that you have a great Summer Vacation with lots of Bare Feet.  In these photos, provided to us by Sammi and James, James captures Sammi’s bare feet relaxing in their Summer Home.  To access the entire set, click the image below.  To view Sammi and James full Gallery, click here.



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Danielle In The Park

by Danielle Moore on July 16, 2014

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done an update that featured me (Danielle Moore, for those that don’t know)  :-)….so this post is well overdue. A storm was in the forecast for tonight and I found myself at the Park with my Husband. I was feeling a little frisky so I ordered my Husband to take out his iPhone and start taking photos as I teased him by removing my shoes and exposing my dirty toe imprinted socks. I hope you like these photos as much as I do, don’t be shy, let me know your thoughts in the comments.  To access the full photo set from tonight’s shoot, click image below.  To access My full photo Gallery, Click here. Feel free to email me directly if you would like to purchase my socks.


Danielle’s Dirty Socks


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New Color

by Danielle Moore on July 13, 2014

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James tells us that he returned home Saturday to find an empty house. He had wondered where his beautiful wife was hiding and hoped that she would soon be home. His mind raced with different scenarios as to where she was and then it hit him. He suspected that Sammi was getting her monthly pedicure. He watched the clock in anticipation for Sammi to return home. Time seemed to stand still and the anticpation was killing him. Then it happened, the door opened and it was Sammi wearing her sandals and her freshly painted toes were there in plain sight. It was a New Color, one that James had never seen on Sammi. She wasn’t in the house 1 minute before James had his way with Sammi’s perfect pedicure feet.


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Jessika’s Treat

by Danielle Moore on July 12, 2014

in Jessika, Slippers

Another pair of Jessika’s slippers are currently being auctioned off at our favorite Auction website,  Jessika says “A real treasure for all of you foot worshiping losers out there. I have worn these on a daily basis for quite some time now. They are one of my favorites but they’ve absorbed too much odor and sweat and now make my feet smell whenever I wear them. They’re also getting crusty and no longer soft at the bottoms from all the repeated wear! Its the perfect time to pass them on to someone else! Now which one of you guys will get the pleasure of owning my favorite abused slippers?

I will also include some of my foot dust as an additional treat as well.

P.S. They’re a lot dirtier than they look in the pictures. Unfortunately my new camera doesn’t show that off too well haha.”
You can buy these slippers off of (Auction ends Tuesday July 15, 14:07:36 2014) or by emailing Jessika directly at


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Happy Canada Day Foot Job

by Danielle Moore on July 2, 2014

in Foot Job, Sammi, Sammi Videos, Video

It’s been a long Winter and finally the sun has come out to warm us up, reaching temperatures to almost 100.  But in having said that, the sun isn’t the only hot thing out there., Sammi and James have to be one of the hottest couples to hit the Foot Fetish World in a long time.   Check out their newest video from their Canada Foot Fetish Fun Day.  The photo Gallery from this Video is here and Sammi and James’ full Photo Gallery is here. Please be sure to leave your comments.


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Natalie’s Ankle Socks

by Danielle Moore on June 30, 2014

in Natalie, Socks

As July approaches and the long weekend gets 1 day closer, Natalie delivers some new photos for us to dream about.  Her hope is that this post will get you through the long weekend :-)  In these photos, Natalie is wearing some white Ankle socks that is photographed from every angle.  Some great close up shots of Natalie’s white ankle socks and Natalie’s Soles.  To view the full gallery click the album below.  To access Natalie’s Full Photo Gallery, Click Here.  Remember, Natalie sells her well worn white socks and foot wear.  Just send her an email: to make arrangements.


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by Danielle Moore on June 28, 2014

in Foot Job, Sammi, Sammi Videos, Video

It’s Friday and the weekend is finally here.  As in most weekends, we can’t wait for them to arrive, but this one is different.  It’s been the week from Hell and somehow you found the strength to push through all the crap that makes up a week from hell.  Now imagine coming home tonight to find your wife barefoot on the bed and ready to play.  Would you become instantly hard?  Would your wife reward you with a mind blowing foot job?  Well, this is just what happened for our regular contributors Sammi and James.  James arrived home to find Sammi on the bed barefoot and offering her perfect feet for James’ pleasure.

Enjoy the video and for the full photo gallery that accompanied this video, click here.  Or for Sammi’s full Photo Gallery, click here.


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Skyler Foot Job (June 2014)

by Danielle Moore on June 19, 2014

in Foot Job, Skyler, Skyler Videos, Video

It’s been awhile since we’ve had the privilege to bring to you another video/photos by the sexy Skyler.  In this video, Skyler delivers another mind blowing Foot Job to her husband.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  To contact Skyler and her husband, please e-mail them at
To access Skyler’s full Photo Gallery, Click Here.



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Scarlett’s Toxic Socks

by Danielle Moore on June 15, 2014

in Scarlett, Socks

Scarlett says: “I know you guys love my sexy scents, especially my feet.  Goddess feet can really produce that smell that makes you men go crazy.  I always get requests for thicker socks.  But they are my favorite pairs of socks because they’re so comfortable and I’m almost never willing to give them up.  SO another special treat for you guys, this is the first pair of THICK socks I’ll be selling, ever, really.  I have already worn them for 2 weeks, as you can see below, they’re filthy!  Only with my amazing scents of course.  I know just how you guys like it.  Only worn in sweaty shoes, never touching the ground, so the only thing you’re getting is me.

Nike dry fit?  Pshh yeah right, When I get through with these after a workout, they’re soaked!  So let’s make this a sweeter deal, I’ve worn them for 2 weeks already, if bidding reaches $90, I will wear them for another week.  And incase you guys can’t help but fight over me, if bidding reaches $130, I will wear them for another 2 weeks.  That’s a whole month in these!  How are you going to pass this up?”

These socks can purchased directly from Scarlett on or you can e-mail her directly at To view more photos of Scarlett’s socks, click the image below to open the Photo Album.  To view Scarlett’s complete Photo Gallery, click here.



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Jessika’s Slippers

by Danielle Moore on June 10, 2014

in Jessika, Shoes, Slippers

It is with great privilege and pride that I, Danielle Moore have the opportunity to introduce our newest Executive Feet family member; Jessika.  Jessika is a real Goddess and deserves all the attention that you can give her.  The only question is, are you worthy?  This will remain to be seen, your actions speaker louder than your begging and empty promises.  Jessika is a regular seller on the only website to buy Well Worn Items Safely,

Here is a quick Bio on Jessika, which can also be found in the Models Category.
Height: 5’9
Shoe Size: 9
Age: 22
eBanned I.D: Jessika

BIO: The names Jessika. I’m am currently enjoying being single and working from home.  I like shopping, A LOT lol, going out with the girlfriends, and being out in the sun (pool or beach) during my free time. Live in Florida so theres plenty of those nearby! I love animals, especially cute furry ones. Have 4 cats myself. Major Coffeeholic. I find it such a huge turn on having guys drool over my pictures and products. ;-)

Jessica also states on her eBanned Profile Page: I’ve met numerous wonderful guys on Ebanned and I enjoy getting to know each. This wouldn’t be the same if it was all about the money. However, I don’t like getting My time wasted either. Deadbeat bidders, and cheap asses, please don’t bother bidding or contacting Me.  So, do you think you have what it takes to get Goddess Jessika’s attention?  Here are some photos of her current listing for Yellow Flower Slippers.  To view Jessika’s Full Photo Gallery, Click Here.