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Natalies Stinky Sports Sneakers

by Danielle Moore on November 26, 2015

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Natalie’ SUPER Stinky Sports Special
Item # 1448931058

We haven’t posted about Natalie in some time but when this post came across my desk, I knew it was the perfect post to welcome her back.  Over the last few years I haven’t seen Natalie sell any type of sneaker, so this is a rare occasion and one that needs to be celebrated, just like Thanksgiving.  So to celebrate this holiday Thanksgiving, we are featuring Natalie’s SUPER STINKY SPORTS SNEAKERS.  If you love sneakers, then this item is for you.

“Hi Executive Feet!  You are in for a very special treat…  MY SUPER STINKY SPORTS SPECIAL!  I’m finally ready to sell my High School gym sneakers!  These are super smelly Nike sneakers!  I wore these for two years in gym class and I’m happy that I found them!  I played all different sports while wearing these sexy sneakers.  I also took an aerobics class while I had these!  The smell is going to make your month!!!  I HAVE ANOTHER TREAT TOO! A pair of my sexy ankle socks to go with them! I’m going to make these smell so bad that they burn your nose! HAHAHAHA Because I’m perfect and so are my feet….these pictures are UNEDITED FOR YOUR PLEASURE You get to see every inch of my perfect little feet. They are so soft and sweaty in these pictures!  This is a BOGO special so don’t miss out!  It’s time to give thanks to your goddess. You wish that you were on your hands and knees at my perfect feet.  You would love my feet to be smothered into your face.  Here is your chance to smell a goddess!”  Keep in mind that this auction ends on Nov 30, 2015 at 16:50:58 and remember, if you missed this auction, you can always e-mail Natalie directly at


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Brooke’s Progressive Stripes

by Danielle Moore on November 23, 2015

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Brooke’s Progressive Stripes YOU Choose!
Item # 1448661574

Brooke’s back with this unique listing on eBanned and of course we had to share it as Brooke is one of our newest models trying to find her way in this competitive market.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Brooke, not only is she gorgeous, but is always professional and sweet to talk to.  If you get the chance, send her an e-mail to say hello. Let’s see how long we can make Brooke wear a pair of socks. I may even have to place a bid on this one :-)


“Brooke’s Progressive Stripes! How much fun we’ll have with this auction!! You’re bids will determine the length of wear these already stinky gems will endure!! We are currently on day 2 of perfecting these beauties with my goddess foot stench! The minimum wear of these anklets will be a total of 6 days so even if only one person bids, you will get AT LEAST 6 days of my rank perfection soaked in these perfect little socks.  For every bid, I will extend the wear for ONE additional day. IE. FIRST bid = 6 days wear; SECOND bid = 7 days wear; THIRD bid = 8 days wear; so on and so on with a MAX DAY WEAR of 21 days! 21 days? Yes, 21 days!! During the work week, I’ll be wearing a thin black trouser sock over these to disguise their stink from my co-workers; if the bid reaches $75 dollars the trousers will be included at no cost to you. If the bidding reaches $100.00, the highest bidder will receive not only the socks AND trousers, but will ALSO receive a customized 10 MINUTE VIDEO in the socks and YOU get to help direct it! Whether you enjoy foot humiliation, foot tease, masturbation, jerking instructions, etc., your wish will be my command! The video, if included, will be a direct link invite via OneDrive directly to an email of your choosing. Who is up for the challenge of gagging on my pretty little soles and toes; who will get the honor of slipping these over their little desperate cock right after being pulled from my goddess feet?”  Keep in mind this auction ends on November 27, 2015 at 13:59:34, don’t delay, place your bid today and lets see how long we can make Brooke wear her socks.


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Bri’s Wonder Woman Socks

by Danielle Moore on November 20, 2015

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Teens 5DAY stinky workout socks!
Item # 1448297510

Here is a large 30 image Gallery of Bri’s perfect or should I say Wonderful Feet.  Feet of a Goddess and your opportunity to own a small piece of Bri. “These socks are disgusting!!! My BEAUTIFUL feet will be in these absolutely NASTY socks for 5DAYS! I have worn these socks around the house cleaning, walking to school in my winter boots, during sleep and playtime, and even during workouts! My winter boots and workouts have gotten these super cute Wonder Woman socks particularly stinky with my yummy feet sweat. Just look at the way they are already darkening with my essence after only 2DAYS! I have tried my very hardest to get these socks as soaked as possible over the last few days and I know that you will appreciate my efforts! These socks will wrinkle your nose and make your eyes water!”  Keep in mind this auction ends on Monday, November 23, 2015 – 08:51:50.  If you miss this auction, you can e-mail Bri directly at


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Brooklyn’s Trouser Socks

by Danielle Moore on November 13, 2015

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Brooke’s Progressive Trouser Socks! 8 Days Wear!
Item # 1447561672

Brooklyn is pushing the limits with this offer.  Eight (8) days straight of significant wear….can your nose take it?  Brooklyn describes her auction as “My trouser socks are ALWAYS a hit!! These are a progressive pair with unique design; have been worn for 5 total work days and will continue to be worn for the remainder of the week. Trousers are ziplocked when not worn; Foot Funk Overload! Can you handle the intense stink of these soft, stretchy, smooth perfected socks? We shall see; good luck!!  YES, I DO NEED A PEDICURE; IF YOU’D LIKE TO TREAT ME TO ONE, I’D BE VERY GRATEFUL! AND YES, OF COURSE YOU’LL RECEIVE PICTURES!”  Remember this eBanned auction ends on Saturday November 14, 2015 at 20:27:52.  But don’t worry if you missed it or if you don’t have an eBanned account, Brooklyn can be emailed directly to help you with your direct purchases.


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Suzie’s Feeding Time

by Danielle Moore on November 11, 2015

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Item # 1447802623

Goddesses Puppy Treats

In this next photo set, Suzie gives a new meaning to the word worship the ground I walk on. “It’s feeding time again my pets! I Love feeding you boys with my feet. I love even more the pictures that you send while enjoying your treat. Hahahah!  Today I have some Super Yum puppy treats that will be made to order. Eight (8) pita bones will cushion my feet while running errands then be worn in the sauna the following morning to soak up all of my delicious foot sweat. And just because you’ve been a good boy, I will finish them off with a sprinkling of my Goddess foot dust. They will end up looking much like the last picture. Mmmmm… Good Boy, come get a treat.”   If you want to get down all 4 and prove to Suzie that you deserve a bone, then this auction is for you.  Keep in mind that this auction ends on Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 15:23:43


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Bri’s Fun and Sexy Black Boots

by Danielle Moore on November 11, 2015

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In this photo set, Bri describes her black boots as: “incredibly fun and sexy! I’ve had these black boots for some time now and they have never let me down when I am looking to turn heads with my girlfriends downtown. These little booties are my go-to heels when I know it’s going to be a wild night out. I most recently wore them on Halloween, they definitely completed my schoolgirl look. These amazing little boots keep my feet warm in the colder months while allowing me to be my sexy self. Simply put: I love them!!!”  Bri is an active model here at Executive Feet as well as eBanned.  You can always e-mail Bri directly should you have any special requests.


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Suzies German Hosiery

by Danielle Moore on November 10, 2015

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German Hosiery Worn By Your Goddess
Item # 1447372024

Suzie keeps getting better and better over time and we are all eaten it up here at Executive Feet.  An absolute stunning model that deserves the high prices her personally worn items are receiving.  This week Suzie is selling a pair of German Hosiery and they look breath taking.  Suzie describes her auction as ” Mmmm…..Which do you think tastes better, Your Goddess or Her Kunert pantyhose? Only one boy will find out. Will it be you? Viel Gluck 💋”   Keep in mind that this auction ends on November 12, 2015 at 15:47:04.  Here are the original photos for you to consider.  Don’t wait to long or you’ll miss your chance to own a small piece of Suzie.



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Meggerz Lime Green Knee Socks

by Danielle Moore on November 7, 2015

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Meggerz Lime Green Knee Socks
Item # 1447546641

LAST CHANCE to own Meggerz Lime Green Knee Socks.  Although if you are looking for a deal, you won’t find it.  Meggerz is in demand and her well worn socks demand that you open up your wallet and dig deep to find a few extra dollars. The current bid is $261 USD and I am sure it’s worth every penny.  Meggerz is a stunning young lady with the feet of a goddess.  Meggerz describes her auction  “You crave the smell of me off this cute pair of knee socks. I’ve been to the gym a few times and worn inside my Uggs boots. Fragrant and ready to be snuggled up to by the winning foot freak!  Get ready to be blown away, foot boy.”  Keep in mind that this auction ends on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 16:17:21.



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Embers French Pedicure

by Danielle Moore on November 6, 2015

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Embers first official post as an Executive Feet model and it’s H.O.DOUBLE T HOT. This 20 photo collection features Ember showing us her nylon clad toes, fresh out of her work heels.  As Ember removes her nylons exposing her toes, we discover that Ember recently had a French Tip Pedicure.  Perfect choice for this first class lady.  Please welcome Ember to the Executive Feet family and let us know your thoughts.  Ember can be e-mailed directly at Ember Essence


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Brooklyn’s Tiny Anklets

by Danielle Moore on November 1, 2015

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Brooke’s Stinky Little Anklets! 3 Day Wear In Progress
Item # 1446644432

Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks1

My tiny feet come with a powerful stinky punch that will make your desperate cock stand with excitement.

Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks8Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks9

Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks5Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks2

Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks6Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks7

Soft – Smelly – Toxxxic – Sweaty
Let my pretty little toes give you the foot job of a lifetime!

Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks3Brooklyn Hansen Tiny Anklet Socks4

Up for sale are my little white anklets; to be worn 3 full days.
E-mail me directly or logon to eBanned and start bidding my little piglets.
Don’t miss your chance to have Brooke’s perfected anklets!
eBanned auction ends Nov 4, 2015 at 5:40:32