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Skylers Patriotic Socks

by Danielle Moore on July 4, 2015

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I just couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate July 4th other than posting these photos of Skyler’s Patriotic Socks.  Back in January, you may remember me doing a post about a wager between Skyler and myself.  To refresh your memory, I bet Skyler that the Patriots would defeat the Colts and advance to the SuperBowl.  The looser had to wear and photograph themselves wearing the winning teams socks.  I’ve held on to these photos for some time now and thought it being July 4th, well, it’s the perfect time to share them with you.  You will notice that Skyler took it upon herself to add some fun in the photos….deflategate…lol  Happy July 4th!


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Victorias Black Sheers

by Danielle Moore on June 30, 2015

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When a women exposes her full cleavage to a man, the man will find her instantly attractive and he will more than likely even want to sleep with her. But will he consider her for a serious relationship? Probably not.  Men find it more sexy when a women teases him with the sight of a little skin,  mystery and anticipation are sexy and goes a lot further than flaunting the goods.

Geishas, all covered up in their Kimonos, would expose a little bit of their wrist as they served tea. This was considered to be very erotic to the men they were serving. A little skin goes a long way…

So if this true, the same can be said for the dangling shoe effect. As you can see in the photo below, a shoe that dangles from a women’s toe exposes most of her foot, leaving the toe concealed. If you don’t know by now, feet are a turn-on for most men, and the ‘concealed-but-revealed’ foot is the definition of sexy!  If you doubt me, just watch Victoria Mares video demonstration on how a simple shoe dangle can be sexy.


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Jackies Garnet Red Toes

by Danielle Moore on June 28, 2015

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A fan requested more content from Jackie and Morris, this set was sent in May 15, 2015 and Morris says, “Jackie’s freshly pedicured garnet red toes and soft paraffin wax treated soles showing off before they get naughty. Smiley”  Feel free to contact Morris and Jackie directly at  Enjoy the set, we will post more soon.


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Roxie Rae Blackmail

by Danielle Moore on June 26, 2015

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Roxie confronts her boss about his foot fetish and demands a pay increase especially if he ever wants to touch, smell, taste Roxie Rae’s gorgeous feet.  Enjoy the video.


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Suzies Foot Imprinted Sandals

by Danielle Moore on June 25, 2015

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As a follow up to our last post about toe imprinted shoes, I would like to focus your attention on an eBanned Seller named PeepShowSuzie.  Her post title says it all. The Best EVER Foot Imprinted Sandals, Item #1435777469. It’s obvious to us the PeepShowSuzie knows exactly what the well worn shoe buyers want in shoes and we thought it would be worth bringing her in to the spotlight.  We’ve reached out to PeepShowSuzie but as of today, we haven’t received a reply.  If you are in the market for toe imprinted sandals, then maybe have a look at this seller.  Her listing says “Come Get My Mouth Watering Sandals – My sandals are ready for you horny boy, don’t you want your dick in there? My sweaty footprints will have you shuddering with desire.The scent will put you ever the edge. What are you waiting for? Don’t just imagine it, experience it.”  In our opinion, we wouldn’t necessarily agree with her title that they are the Best EVER Foot imprinted Sandals, but we would concede that they are definitely sexy and very hot Foot Imprinted Sandals and worth a look.  For you convenience we are publishing the photos that were in the listing but we strongly encourage you to stop by the original listing and place your bid.




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Victorias Sandals

by Danielle Moore on June 21, 2015

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What is it about a shoe’s toe/foot print that turn you on? This is a question that has come up many times over the years and I thought it was time we attempted to answer it and maybe enlighten those that don’t understand it.  While doing some online research I found a simple answer that pretty much sums it up, It’s a way of fantasizing about a person and making it personal.  To someone like a shoe fetishist who is turned on by well worn shoes, they claim it helps set off 4 of the 5 bodies senses and adding more realism to the fantasy.  The shoe with toe/foot prints is used as a replacement for the person they are fantasizing about.

If you examine a shoe’s insert or the bed of the shoe that contains toe/foot prints, there is a lot more going on there than you might think.  For a person with a Shoe Fetish, a shoe with toe/foot prints is a sexual stimulant. If you don’t have a Shoe Fetish, then you might be thinking how is it a sexual stimulant?  Let me compare it to something you might understand. Just like a make out session, well worn shoes can help trigger at least 4 of the 5 human senses (Sight, Touch, Smell, and Taste) sexually arousing the Shoe Fetishist. A Shoe Fetishist will use well worn shoes in what is referred to as a Shoe Session/Masturbation.

Let me explain this so you understand, a person with a Shoe Fetish will normally start with examining the shoe for foot and toe prints (Sight).  It’s not uncommon amongst Shoe Fetishes that this first step takes some time as they want to visually see every detail in the shape of the persons foot.  They want to see the dark sweat stains that clearly show a foot print.

Satisfied with the visual, the hand normally enters the shoe where fingers explore how the person’s foot might feel in their hand.  Taking in every detail like the indents that the toes left behind, the curve of the arch, the foot size, every detail they can find and absorb (Touch).

Once again Satisfied, it is very normal for the shoe fetishist to start smelling the scent that the owner left behind in the shoe.  Most shoe fetishist are looking for a Corn Chips smell or even a Vinegar smell.  The smellier the shoe, the better.  They fantasize about all the miles that the shoes has seen and how much foot sweat has been trapped inside the shoe over the years (Smell).

At this point the shoe fetishist becomes extremely aroused and wants more, comparable to the first kiss in the make out session, the shoe fetishist starts licking the shoe inserts/beds becoming even more familiar with the owner and how they might taste.  At this point, the shoe fetishist may end the Shoe Session by masturbating.  In more extreme Shoe Fetishes, the fetishist might have intercourse with the shoe or at the least cum in the shoe marking their territory.

For some people, this might be considered weird or even freakish, in my opinion, this isn’t weird or even freakish.  It’s just one more thing in this world that makes us Human.  There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t have a thing that others will consider weird or freakish…if there is, then they must be the most boring person in the world.

So where do Shoe Fetishist find these well worn shoes and what kind of shoes do Shoe Fetishist want?  There are tons of sellers on eBay, eBanned and other websites.  Our absolute favorite seller is none other than our very own Victoria Mares. Here is a sample of her very well worn Sandals that she recently sold on  And when it comes to shoes, every Shoe Fetishist is different, some prefer flip flops, others sandals, heels, sneakers, slippers, Uggs, you name it, there is someone in this world that desires them.  So the next time you slip your shoes off at a party and leave them unattended,  you may want to check inside them before putting them back on to see if your shoes/feet turned someone on enough to risk everything just to fantasize about you.




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Victoria Mares Interview

by Danielle Moore on June 16, 2015

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Ms. Victoria Mares Interview

When you look in the mirror and see yourself, who is Victoria Mares?
I’m a “throwback” I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong decade. Most of my tastes in fashion, music and culture are rooted in late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. So that’s who I am, someone who stands out because I’m quite different. On a less superficial level, I’m very creative and always eager to get started on the next project. That’s why I enjoy taking photos. It’s very satisfying to have an idea and then see it all come together.

How do you think other people see you? Who is Victoria Mares to your friends or maybe even strangers?
 To my friends I’m an “old soul”…with great taste in music. Now I’m just embellishing!  I just dyed my hair pink so strangers either look at me like I’m awesome or extremely strange. I love both reactions. In all seriousness though, I’m polite as fuck.

Being a “Throwback” girl, where does the Fetish photography come from?  How did you get started?
I’m a huge fan of vintage pin-up girls. On top of that erotic imagery has always intrigued me. It was a natural progression that lead me to turn the camera on to myself.

It all started with me selling a pair of shoes online back in 2008. I had a little too much fun photographing myself modeling my pumps. I was shoe-popping and dipping. There was toe-cleavage galore. Needless to say I caught the attention of a few fetishists. Hah!

Speaking of friends, do your friends and family know about your fetish photography?  Are they supportive?
My closest friends & family are well aware of my fetishist side. Not everyone is fully supportive and they don’t have to be. To each their own.

Do you enjoy fetishism in your own life? (which ones and how)
I’m a fetishist; I enjoy having kink in my life every single day. I express it primarily in the way I dress. Putting on something that I find erotic instantly transforms my mood. I am the kind of person that needs eroticism in plain view at all times. It keeps me inspired.

My favorite thing to wear when I want to indulge in my fetish is hosiery.  I wear it as often as I can.  Even if I’ve worn heels or sandals with bare legs and feet all day, at night I will change into some pantyhose. The feeling is delicious. This is especially true if I’m going out. My favorite way to wear hosiery lately is under jeans. I feel like I’m hiding a naughty little secret. It’s a lot of fun and gives me a thrill; that’s the point of indulging in a fetish, after all.

Your fetish photography is tasteful and at the same time sexually alluring.  You generously share it with the fetish community. In doing so, you have created a huge fan base. Why sell your personal items on eBanned?
Thank you. I love sharing my photography so it’s great people appreciate it. Selling my personal items to other fetishists is part of how I keep kink in my everyday life. It’s an alternative way to have fetishists worship my feet, since I don’t do live sessions. I love the power-play involved in selling my items.  I enjoy putting auctions together and then interacting with other fetishists; it’s a blast. I don’t sell on ebanned too often.  I prefer to offer quality vs. quantity. I always go back because it’s a super fun thing for me; I can’t wait to post my next auction!

You are both a Photographer and Model, what challenges do each bring and if you had to choose one over the other, which one would you choose?
The challenge is exactly that, being both model & photographer. It’s fun but challenging when it comes to focusing the lens and posing, even with a tripod and shutter release! I’d choose photography over modeling, I like to see my vision come together.

Being a fetish model that has chosen to be recognizable by showing her face in photos, do you worry about your privacy?  Have you ever been approached?
I value my privacy yet realized early on that putting myself “out there” would inevitably compromise some of that privacy; it comes with the territory. I’ve never been approached, maybe if I lived in a big city and were doing more fetish work.

I imagine you get a lot of e-mails from your fans, what request stands out the most?
When I first started making clips I had someone contact me about a tip-toe fetish they had. It was awesome but I never realized how hard it is to tip-toe around until I did an 8 minute clip of just tip-toeing! Haha! I should re-shoot it sometime…but maybe only do a 3 minute clip. It’s hard work on the ankles!

What lines won’t you cross when it comes to the fetish world?
Lines I won’t cross? I don’t do in person sessions/meet ups. I don’t venture out of the foot fetish, femdom, findom and hosiery fetish realm. I don’t do anything that could be considered hard core.

What do you do for fun, outside of the fetish world?
I like to see live music and travel. Weekend road trips are what I live for.

When it comes to travel, where have you been in the world?
I’ve been to countries in Asia, Africa and South America. My favorite place was Fiji because the ocean was just pulsating with life.  Each place I’ve visited was so special. I wish I had been into photography the was I am now back then! I guess that just means I have to go back and visit all those (or at least some of those) places again. =)

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
I’d like to spend at least one month in Spain and one month in France….I’m easy to please;-)

What do you want your fans to know about you?
I want my foot-fans & friends to know I’m incredibly grateful for their continued support. I started sharing my clips online years ago, I didn’t think too many people would be watching. I just wanted to better showcase the shoes I was selling! I had no clue people were enjoying my clips and actually had fetishes for the things I did without really thinking about it ( like dangling, dipping and shoe-play). I’m always amazed when someone lets me know they’ve been a fan since my “lindy87″ days! It’s awesome!

Out of all the questions asked, what did we miss?
We covered a lot! I can’t think of anything we’ve missed.

More Information on Victoria:
Height: 5’5″ | 165 cm
Shoe Size: US 8 | EUR 39
Age: Jan 7, 1987 (28)
Posts: Vickie
Website: N/A
Twitter: @vmaresofficial
Tumblr: victoriamaresphoto
Instagram: veemares


Here’s some photos and a video by Ceara Lynch.  In these photos and the video, Ceara dangles her white flip flops.  Enjoy!

Here’s the video that goes along with it.


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Natalies Gardening Socks

by Danielle Moore on June 9, 2015

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Natalie surprised us this week with an eBanned auction that contained 41 photos of her Hanes Gardening Socks.  I can just imagine how moist they became after Gardening for hours.  Natalie wrote us:  “Hi Executive Feet Visitors and Members!  I have an extra special surprise for you this week… MY GARDENING SOCKS!  This year I planted my first garden EVER.  I’m really excited about the vegetables but it’s a lot of work!  This week I put the very last plants into the ground.  These socks have been on my feet while sweating my perfect butt off… You are going to love the smell of these!  Don’t I look cute in my gardening boots?  HAHAHA  You could only wish about being at my feet..  I will vacuum seal these socks as soon as I peel them off , GOOD LUCK FEET LOVERS!”  To bid on these Moist Gardening Socks, visit eBanned and look up Item #1434161614, Natalie’s Hanes Gardening Socks or click here. Don’t delay though, these socks will be gone by Fri Jun 12 19:13:34 2015. You can e-mail Natalie directly at


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Alaskan American

by Danielle Moore on June 7, 2015

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We haven’t seen or heard from our favorite Alaskan American in some time, so it was a great surprise when I found Scarlett listing her Alaskan well worn socks for sale on eBanned.  So without further delay, here is what Scarlett has to say about her socks. “My foot worn items are most loved by you guys. Well of course, only Goddess feet can really produce that scent that makes you guys go crazy.  You guys love anything that’s been peeled from my lovely feet.  My used and abused sweat filled socks, these things deserve to be worshiped.”  AND YOU CAN, this auction ends Mon June 8 at 21:42:10, 2015.  The eBanned item# 1433824930 titled Scarlett’s Extreme Alaska Hiking Socks with a current 2 bids totaling $20.00.  So you still have lots of time.  Here are the photos that came with this listing.