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by Danielle Moore on April 25, 2015

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There is no better way to end the winter and welcome Spring than taking a Caribbean Cruise.  Here are some photos of me relaxing on the top deck of my Cruise Ship.  Enjoy.  Danielle. xoxo  You can e-mail me directly at



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Nadia Columbia

by Danielle Moore on April 19, 2015

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Today I would like to introduce an incredibly sexy women that goes by the name Nadia Columbia aka HOT NADIA.  I first discovered Nadia on e-Banned and have watched her for some time now.  With over 600 sales, this women is HOT and in demand.  She sells everything from Panties to Shoes and can be found on social media sites such as twitter.  You can also visit her website at Definitely worth checking out and if you have a twitter account, why not follow her.  You can e-mail Nadia at

For your convenience, here are the two listings from eBanned, to access the original listings, click on the Item # below.

♥♥ Sweaty Nike Sneakers Used & Abused♥♥
Item # 1430077865 (relisted, Auction ends Sun Apr 26 12:51:05 2015)

Nike Lunarglide running shoes bought over two years ago and used for… running. A few times a week, regardless of the weather. Lately I’ve been hiking in them too. Will be taking them for a few more hikes in the next 10 days as well, so they’ll be dirtier than what you see in the top photos.  I am getting a new pair, also Nikes, and you are helping Me finance that.  So this is leather and rubber and mesh and whatever high-tech is supposed to keep feet comfy and dry, but the way I use My sneakers, they are soaked in sweat. They stink. I put them out in the hall way so they don’t stink up My house. In any case, the lucky loser will be overjoyed to get them.

P.S. Oh yeah, the same Reebok socks as here, but IN BLUE and nastier, are also for sale in another auction – click for pics. They are vomit-inducing as well. Get both and I’ll discount the shipping. But only a little bit. Hehe.

♥♥ Vomit-Inducing Running Socks♥♥
Item # 1429472723 (now ended)

As most of you lowlifes know, I don’t wash My socks. And it’s been a long time since I offered a pair. For you, this means one of the most mind- and load-blowing pairs is up for grabs. Is nastier than it looks as most of the photos were taken when they were clean. Worn for a MONTH for running several times a week plus errands, and went hiking with Me and will be going hiking with Me while this auction is running. Trust Me, they smell very, very bad.


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Lelu Love

by Danielle Moore on April 17, 2015

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I first stumbled upon some of Lelu Love’s videos about a year ago on Xhamster. I immediately sensed that she was bringing something different to the table. The videos I watched were fun and playful, with a high-quality-homemade feel. As you know, I am an avid promoter of amateur home made videos, so this was love at first sight.  I’ve been wanting to do a post about her website, for some time and I guess I just never got around to it until now.  Anyways, this post is long over due, so please allow me to officially welcome you to the world of LeLu Love.  Lelu Love says ” I am Lelu Love, the most interactive sex star on the net!! I have 24/7 voyeur cams in my house, full DAILY vid&pic updates & even my personal cell # if you are ok with naughty pics sent to your phone (wink) Cum visit me now…”  Be sure to follow lelu love on twitter at @lelulovexo


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Ms Vickie M Pink Dress

by Danielle Moore on April 17, 2015

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Ms. Vickie M. slowly and seductively removes her pink dress exposing her Nylon Feet.  You can now request to follow Victoria at her NEW Instagram account.  Welcome back Victoria!


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Sammis Feet and Rope

by Danielle Moore on April 14, 2015

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It’s been awhile since we posted photos/videos from one of my favorite models, Sammi. Finally, here are more photos & another video from James who is showcasing his sexy Sammi.  Remember to post your comments.

James gives us the background behind these images/video, “Only appropriate that on April Fool’s Day we pull
out some rope. She didn’t find my joke on her very funny, but the joke’s on her. She did laugh hysterically when I tickled her bound feet.”

You can e-mail James at or Sammi at

And the video to go with it:


Just like any other day,  I woke up and started my search in finding possible new models for the Executive Feet family and as usual, ebanned was on my list of stops.  And guess who I found listing a pair of Intoxicating, Sweaty, Delicious Nyon Socks, RHT TRASHED?   Yup, you guessed it, Ms. Vickie M. Not sure where she disappeared to, but I am happy to see her back. For your convenience, I have posted the listing here, but be sure to login to and make a bid. This could possibly be your last chance to own a small piece of Ms. Vickie M. You can now request to follow Victoria at her NEW Instagram account.  Welcome back Victoria!

MY INTOXICATING Sweaty Delicious Nylon Socks RHT Trashed
Item # 1429147715

Have a whiff of my intoxicating 5-day nylon socks & never be the same ;-)

Okay, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic. Maybe my stinky, hypnotic socks won’t change you forever but they will certainly have an effect on you. Some people seem to have the misconception that nylon socks don’t retain scent that well and can’t be intoxicating…haha! Well these socks are out to prove wrong. These sexy socks have a reinforced heel and toe which traps my sweet, seductive foot sweat right where it belongs. After a long day wearing them I store them in a very special way…guaranteed to keep my stinky socks juicy and ripe.

I’ve been wearing them for 2 days straight in my tight, hot converse sneakers and will continue to wear them for the duration of this auction, all day long.

If you like the smell, flavor and delicate luxury of well worn nylon…don’t miss out on this auction. Who knows, you just might be changed forever! ;-)






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What on e-banned?

by Danielle Moore on April 11, 2015

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I like to think that I am pretty Green, I recycle everything including my well worn shoes.  But what on e-banned, $302.00 for a pair of sneakers?  What am I missing here?  I guess I need to start from the beginning to catch you up to what I am writing about.  I was doing my research which includes my daily stop to and came across a listing for a pair of well worn running shoes.  When I clicked on the link, I quickly noticed that the current bid was $302.00.  This got me very curious as I couldn’t imagine anyone paying $302.00 for a pair of well worn running shoes.  The next thing I noticed was the user’s name, Ceara Lynch…..who is this person, I thought.  I quickly google’d the name and I was overwhelmed with Google Hits.  The more I read, the more interested I became in this seller.  If you don’t recognize the name, let me fill you in.  Ceara Lynch is a Performer and Producer of Adult Films.  She has a huge following and is absolutely stunning.  So back to the beginning, what on e-banned, $302.00 for a pair of sneakers….You betcha and with Ceara’s long portfolio, it’s a steal at that.  You can purchase Ceara’s Well Worn Sneakers directly from her on, Item # 1429143806.   Ceara states “I am an avid runner. As a result, I go through sneakers very quickly. Up for bid are my latest pair of well worn Nike trainers. A perfect treat for you to sniff, lick, and worship. Winner recieves the full length video above. Happy bidding, losers!” Be sure to visit her website at for more information and possibly more items to buy.

Did I mention that if you purchase these shoes, you get the full video too?
Here’s a sample:


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Ms Vickie M 2014 in review

by Danielle Moore on April 11, 2015

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We’re taking a step back in time and reviewing Ms. Vickie M’s 2014 Thumblr photos that she shared with us all to enjoy.  I hope you are excited as we are, enjoy this Gallery, it’s all Ms. Vickie M.


April’s Executive Feet Faux Magazine Cover features the beautiful Ms. Vickie M posing on the beach with the Nike Hot Punch shoes that were sponsored by Executive Feet.  We chose Ms. Vickie M. for the April cover because we felt that she symbolizes everything that is beautiful and fresh, just like spring.  We’re not sure where Ms. Vickie M disappeared too, but no matter where she is, we hope she is doing well.


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Skylers Pink Panties

by Danielle Moore on April 11, 2015

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Here’s a photo set by our good friends Skyler and Quaker.  Their photos never get old and it’s always a treat to receive a photo update to share with everyone.  Enjoy.  Remember, you can always e-mail Skyler at  To view the full photo set, click the image below.  To view Skyler’s archived photos, click here.