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Roxie Rae Ebanned

by Danielle Moore on May 16, 2015

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Roxie Rae is on eBanned again selling some well worn items and how I wish we had the same shoe size.  Here are a list of items worth looking at:

Roxie Rae’s Very Dirty Smelly Brown Flip Flops Item # 1432400968
Own Roxie Rae’s Very Dirty Brown Flip Flops. These size 5 flops are very worn out and smelly with toes imprinted in soles. I will wear again before shipping.  Be aware that these flip flops end on Sat May 23 10:09:28 2015. The last bid was $25.00

Own Roxie Rae’s Black Sheer Polka Dot Pantyhose Item # 1432406654
Own Roxie Rae’s Black Sheer Polka Dot Pantyhose with control top. Worn out dancing the night away with high heels. This pair of pantyhose are super dirty and sweaty in the feet with runs in the thigh. Always worn without panties.  Be aware that these Polka Dot Pantyhose end on Sat May 23 11:44:14 2015. The last Bid was $30.00

Roxie Rae’s Nude Pretty Polly Pantyhose size A Item # 1432406143
Own Roxie Rae’s Nude Pretty Polly Pantyhose. These size A sheer to waist pantyhose have runs in the legs. Worn out dancing the night away with high heels. This pair of pantyhose are super dirty and sweaty in the feet. Always worn without panties. Be aware that these Pretty Polly Pantyhose end on Sat May 23 11:35:43 2015. The last Bid was $30.00

For your convenience, I have added the photos for these listings.  Please be supportive and stop by eBanned and purchase one of Roxies Well Worn Items.


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Meggerz Socks

by Danielle Moore on May 15, 2015

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Princess Meggerz is selling a pair of used socks on and says “Thick and sopped up in my stench like a sponge.  Only a freak would pay top dollar for a pair of used gym socks. And it just so happens that freak is YOU. It’s been a dream of yours to own a pair of my socks and now’s the chance.  Bid hard, bid high, and fight til the end.”  You can purchase Princess Meggerz well worn Gym Socks by bidding on Item # 1432305917 Titled: Meggerz Thick Delicious Gym Socks ending on Fri May 22 07:45:17 2015


And a short video of Meggerz Socks.


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Victoria’s Black Stockings

by Danielle Moore on May 13, 2015

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A video by Ms.Vickie.M aka Victoria.  In this video, Victoria seductively demonstrates how to properly put on Black Stockings.


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Ceara’s Slippers

by Danielle Moore on May 11, 2015

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How’s my good boy doing today? You want me to give you a treat? Well, you know what you have to do to earn it. Go on show your mistress a trick. What are sniffing around for? My slippers?!? Bad ! You know you’re supposed to be a good boy before I let you chew on my slippers. But don’t they smell so good? Tell you what, you sniff and lick my feet and I’ll just give you my old smelly slippers. Then you can just pretend to be at my feet all the time stroking your little red rocket.



Here is an interview with Ceara Lynch that was originally written by Cary Monotreme  and published on I want to be sure to give proper credit to the author of this interview as they did a great job.  Be sure to visit their website and show your support.  The original interview and photos can be seen here Ceara Lynch Interview.

Interview with Ceara Lynch

How did you get interested in adult entertainment?
When I was 17 a guy online found me on a vanilla social networking site and offered to buy a bottle of my piss and a pair of my used pantyhose for $250. I thought he was bluffing but went along with it anyway. I was amazed when he actually paid. I figured there had to be more guys like him out there.

And how did that interest develop into a career?
I began selling all sorts of used items; panties, socks, hosiery, nail clippings, spit, tampons, piss, feces, etc. I’ve always been interested in the sick and twisted especially in relation to fetishes, so I had a lot of fun with it. From there I began browsing around seeing what other girls were doing and discovered world of online domination via my now good friend Lyne’s website ( It was a bit of an “ah-ha” moment because the meaner I was to the guy who originally bought my piss the more he wanted to talk to me. I set up an account on Niteflirt ( and started taking calls, specializing in femdom. After about a year Lyne told me about the website clips4sale ( and I started making POV fetish videos. Today that is my main source of income.

You work as both a performer and producer of fetish videos, which is more challenging?
Tough to say. Probably about equal. Performing is challenging because I have to keep up with appearances. Part of my persona is that I’m this flawless and unattainable goddess. I don’t always feel like living up to that. It’s not as effortless as I’m supposed to pretend it is. Producing is challenging because you have to try and stay ahead of the game. Once you do something that works, everyone will be right behind you to copy you until it doesn’t. So you have to keep trying to change it up and make it seem fresh. It can also be difficult to direct girls who don’t know what they’re doing, especially if you’re an introvert like me.

And which is more fun?
Producing. I enjoy working with new girls, coming up with ideas, running the camera, not giving a shit about what I look like because I’m editing. I like the creative process.

How do you balance the different duties each role presents?
I have a calendar and each month I fill it out, scheduling something for each day and making sure I’m not neglecting or overdoing too much of one thing.

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?
I was always really curious about sex as a kid and teen, possibly because my parents were somewhat sheltering in that regard. I discovered Dan Savage’s column when I was around 13 and that’s when I first read about bizarre fetishes. I found it really intriguing.

Do you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?
I prefer to keep my sexual interests to myself. I will say, though, that I share none of the fetishes of my customers. Although I have a lot of fun with what I do because it is creative, I don’t find it arousing. I really value that kind of compartmentalization. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are there any fetishes that you don’t find appealing?
Most fetishes don’t faze me, especially when it comes to just talking about them (which is the premise of the vast majority of my videos.) But I when confronted with the actual act, I can’t stomach blood play or needles.

Do you think pinup and fetish are becoming part of the mainstream culture?
I think it’s progressing in that direction. With people like Dan Savage gaining more spotlight we’re becoming more sex positive as a culture. I also think as the gay rights movement continues its success, it’ll naturally force people to realize what consenting adults do in the bedroom matters about as much as who they do it with. I think there’s still a ways to go though.
What kind of music do you like?
All kinds.

What do you like to do for fun?
Read. Go to school. I graduated in 2011 but I still sometimes to sneak into various classes at my former college if I can get away with it. I feel shitty if I’m not learning. I also like to run, write, travel, and go to comedy shows.

 See more of Ceara Lynch:

My members site: and
Pay per view site:

CearaLynch01 CearaLynch02 CearaLynch03


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Roxie Rae Interview

by Danielle Moore on May 5, 2015

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Here is an interview with Roxie Rae that was originally conducted by and published on I want to be sure to give proper credit to the author of this interview as they did a great job.  Be sure to visit their website and show your support.


Q: Please tell us a little about yourself?
Hi!! I’m Roxie Rae a fetish model/actress & dancer from Tampa Florida. I am a true Florida girl from the blonde hair to my love of the beach. I live for the ocean, boating, and having my feet in the sand. I am also a huge baseball fan & I always support my home team, Go Rays! I have been in the fetish industry for about a year and am looking forward to seeing what’s to come. I have experience in foot fetish, tickle fetish, lipstick fetish, smoking fetish, financial domination, humiliation, giantess tongue fetish, inflatables, DID, & light bondage.

Q: Please describe your feet for us? Any special features that you love most about your feet?
I have small feet, size 5, with meaty toes. My soles are soft and full of wrinkles, I have defined ankles and heels and high arches. I am always changing and experimenting with different polish on my toes. I love alternating toe colors and playing around with the endless amount of shades and patterns.

Q: When was your first foot fetish experience? Could you tell us about it?
My first foot fetish experience was with Taylor Raz. She introduced me to fetish and recruited me to film with her. The first time I ever experienced foot fetish was caught on camera with Taylor licking my feet and then me worshiping hers in return. That day was so much fun!

Q: Do you notice men looking at your feet in public?
Yes!! All the time. Since I started dancing 8 years ago I started noticing but now that I have been in the fetish industry my noticing seems to be on high alert ha, I’m guilty of it too though I check out feet everywhere I go!

Q: When did you realize you can seduce men with your legs and feet?
I first realized I could seduce men with my feet when I started dancing about 8 years ago. Working at a Gentlemen’s club they always requested we keep our feet nice and our toes pedicured. The advice paid off whenever I got a compliment on my feet, which ended up being frequent. I have taken advantage of seducing men with my feet more now and in the past year.

Q: What is your favorite form of “foot play” or aspect of the foot fetish?
I love a good foot massage, but then again who doesn’t?! I love tickling and foot worship too though, there’s a time for both!

Q: What is the strangest request you ever got from a foot lover?
I’ve had so many requests that I don’t think anything is strange anymore. The most popular requests are smelly feet, dirty feet, trampling, blind folding, & panty hose.

Q: What is the best, most memorable foot fetish experience that you have ever had?
Probably one of my first foot worship sessions when I realized I loved it so much! It was a 5 hour session with me and a girlfriend and a little foot slave. He cleaned our feet and heels and obeyed our every command. This is when I knew I wanted a future and more experience in fetish activities.

Q: What do you like most about the Footnight Foot Parties?
I love meeting new people, my fans and other models. It’s great to put a name to a face and being around people who support me. I also love doing the sessions, each one is different and there are so many aspects of foot worship.

Q: Are you comfortable (or enjoy) having your feet worshiped when they are sweaty, dirty and fragrant, or do you prefer your feet to be clean before someone worships them?
Yes!Yes!Yes! to all of the above. I love having my feet worshipped and when opportunity knocks I’m going to say yes under any condition!

Q: Do you enjoy trampling and the more dominant side of footworship, or do you prefer softer, more sensual pampering of your feet?
I like both. I love being dominant and getting aggression out on a little foot slave but I also love the more intimate erotic side of foot worship at times as well.

Q: Please describe one of your foot fantasies?
It may sound silly, but I’ve always wanted to sit in a white bath tub full of orange Jell-o and rub it all over my wrinkled soles and between my toes, covering my feet then have someone lick it all off of me until my feet were completely clean.

Q: If you have a web site, Facebook, Twitter or other online accounts that you’d like people to know about, please list the URL’s below:

Web Site URL:

Social Media:
Facebook URL:
Twitter: @Roxie_Rae –
Clip Store Link:
eBanned: Roxierae25

Other Links:
Model Mayhem:

Q. Is there anything you would like to personally add?
I had so much fun doing this interview and loved that I was asked to participate. The support I have been getting is AMAZING. Thanks!!! xoxo

Be sure to check out Roxie Rae’s eBanned auctions.


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Lelu Loves Sandals

by Danielle Moore on May 1, 2015

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Lelu Love-Sandals Black Nails Footjob


Another Footjob video by Lelu love.  Be sure to visit her webpage at and show your support for these great videos. Lelu Love is the Internets most interactive model and worth your attention.


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Victorias Fishnets

by Danielle Moore on April 29, 2015

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This is an older video that Ms.Vickie.M produced. It was originally posted on Ms.Vickie.M’s You Tube channel when we came across it.  This is one of the sexiest videos that I think she ever produced and today I want to share it with you.  I hope you love it as much as I do.


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Roxie Raes Pantyhose

by Danielle Moore on April 28, 2015

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If you don’t already know her, I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to Roxie Rae, from the Tampa, Florida area.  This girl is incredibly sexy and knows how to tease you like a pro.  I would love to have Roxie Ray as a regular model on Executive Feet as she is definitely worthy.  Anyways, Roxie is selling a few items on eBanned and I thought I would point you towards her sales.  Here’s your chance to own a small piece of the one and only Roxie Ray.  Roxie Rae is on Twitter, Instagram, eBanned. and of course her website

Roxie is selling a pair of Tan smelly, worn pantyhose sheer to waist Item # 1431037779 Keep in mind the auction ends Thu May 7 15:29:39 2015.

Roxie States “Own Roxie Rae’s Tan smelly, worn pantyhose sheer to waist with reinforced toe. Worn out dancing the night away with high heels. This pair of pantyhose are super dirty and sweaty in the feet. Always worn without panties. I will wear again before shipping. Shipped in air tight plastic bag and concealed packaging.Thank you XOXO

For your convenience, I have included photos of her Worn Pantyhose.  Be sure to place your bid asap.



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Michelle Reflexology

by Danielle Moore on April 27, 2015

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Here is a video by one of our favorite Canadians, Phil and Michelle.  This video was Published on YouTube – Jan 31, 2014.  If you like reflexology and foot massage, then this video is right up your alley.

Phil describes the video: “He starts massaging and doing reflexology but finds her feet too beautiful that he appears to be aroused. But you can’t blame him.”